Awards Celebration Group Times

Please RSVP to your coach ASAP

Awards Ceremony is on Sunday, December 7

Adults:$10~~Children 12 – 4: $5~~Children 3 and under & Fall Players: Free

Location: RBar (Old Alden Manor) Middle Road, Nanticoke.

U5 – 12:30 pm

U6 & U8 Travel - 1:45 pm

U8 – 3:00 pm

U13 & U14 – 4:00 pm

U9 Boys & U10 Boys  - 5:00 pm

U9 Girls & U10 Girls – 6:00 pm

U11 Girls & U12 Boys – 7pm

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Upcoming news on the Awards Celebration for the kids – stay tuned!

GNA Youth Soccer

Front Street Soccer Field Vandalism

Attention Parents, Players and Coaches
Late Saturday Night/Early Sunday Morning the Front Street Soccer Field was carelessly vandalized. Due to the severity of the damage the field is now in an unplayable state. We are looking for anyone who can volunteer some time on Monday, September 23, 2013 after 4:00pm. There is a lot of work that needs to be done to restore the field so scheduled games and practices can resume. If you are able to help in any way it would be greatly appreciated. Please bring rakes, shovels and anything else that could be useful in helping restore the field to a state of play. Let’s help get our kids back in the 2013-09-22 13.32.272013-09-22 13.38.282013-09-22 13.31.57game.

GNA Youth Soccer Association is happy to announce the first two fundraisers for the 2013 Fall Season.

The first is our Fall Apparel Fundraiser.

Tee Shirts are $10.00

Long Sleeve Shirts are $15.00

Hooded Sweat Shirts are $20.00

Customize your shirt by adding your GNA Youth Soccer Star’s last name to the back for an additional $3.00

The second is our Fall Magnet sale.

Plain Nanticoke Soccer Magnet is $5.00

Nanticoke Magnet with Player number is $7.00

Whether your walking or driving around town, you’ll be sure to let everyone know you support your favorite players and the GNA Youth Soccer Association.

Coaches will have order forms available mid week.

Reminder To All Coaches U-8 & Above

***** Reminder To All Coaches *****

This season we would like to recognize any players who pull a Hat Trick in one game.  A Hat Trick would be a single player making 3 goals in one game. Coaches are asked to write down the date, players name and the name of the opposing team.

All players U-8 and above are eligible and each player who has a hat trick will receive a special plaque to commemorate their outstanding efforts.


Fall Soccer Team Photo Dates & Times

Below are the dates and times for team photos. Photos will be taken at West Side Park in Nanticoke.

If you need forms please see your team coach.

August 22nd, 2013
5:15 pm u-6 Erika’s Team- Lee’s Oil
5:25 pm u-6 Heather’s Team- Newport Decal
5:35 pm u-6 Stacey’s Team- Bolesta Pierogi
5:45 pm u-6 Ron’s Team -Levandowski Overhead Doors
5:55 pm u-6 Brian’s and Chris’s Team -Sweet Frog
6:10pm u-8 Gone Crazy- Coach Brian and Mike
6:30 pm u-10 boys coach brian,ron & rick
6:50pm u-12 girls coach pat
7:15pm u-13 girls coach pat
7:35 pm u-16 girls coach paul

August 23rd, 2013
5:15 pm u-8 south st. –coach keith
5:35 pm u-8 mullery -coach paul
6:00 pm u-9 boys -coach marc & dave
6:30 pm u-9 girls coach ron
6:55 pm u-10 girls coach jen
7:20 pm u-14 girls coach teila

August 30th, 2013
5:30pm u-8 paul chervy coal -coach gina
5:55pm u-8 climatemp a/c co inc. -coach tony & brian
6:20pm u-8 tarnowski kielbasa -coach rich and joe